Masaya's Light My Fire, IPO/IPG 3, WAC, CGC

November 2016


November 2016 

 Fresh/Live Cover  Available to approved Bitches


Zayin vom Grenzturm

Thailbox Fjorgyn (Cajo Daughter) X Cape Secure Hector (2nd Place 2023 IDC, 26th FCI, 8th 2022 IDC) 

DOB: November 3, 2023 


DCM 3 & 4 Clear 

 Aston by Tatiana Wagner

Go On  Forever Kissing Kitana, IPG 1 X Gringo vom Hexenzauber, IGP 3 

 DOB: December 9, 2023




 Masaya's Black Sabbath, IPO3, ZTP-SG1A,  PSA-PDC, AD, WAC, CGC, VC, TDI, FO 

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"March 2010 - September 2023"


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 Masaya's Dragon SlayR, APR1, WAC

"December 2011  - September 2022"

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 Frozen Semen Available to approved Bitches