Pet Contract: 

Most of our puppies are sold with Limited AKC registration.  Dogs with Limited AKC registration can be shown in all AKC events except for conformation.  Offspring from dogs with limited registration cannot be registered with AKC.  For more information on AKC limited registrations please visit    Masaya Dobermans will convert the Limited Registration to Full AKC registration if the dog meets certain requirements (health testing and titling) as outlined in our contract.   Please contact us for more information.   All of our puppies go home with a 2 year written health warrantee.   Masaya Dobermans retains breeding rights on some of the top performance prospect males that we place. 


Show Contract:  

Occasionally, Masaya Dobermans sells a puppy as an AKC conformation show prospect.  All show puppies are sold on co-ownership.  Under a co-ownership both parties must sign to register a litter with AKC.  Masaya Dobermans will sign over full ownership to buyers once the dog has completed all health testing and has obtained an AKC Championship or suitable performance title. Please contact Masaya Dobermans for more information.
Masaya Dobermans retains breeding rights on all males sold under show contract. 


Co-ownership/ Breeding Contract: 

Occasionally Masaya Dobermans will sell a high quality female puppy to an individual for a reduced price in return for specified breeding privileges.    This enables Masaya Dobermans to maintain its breeding program and ensure that all Masaya Dobermans receive individual attention and care as loving family companions.  This also enables individuals to obtain a Doberman of the highest quality at a reduced price and to participate in a quality breeding program.  It is also an excellent opportunity for a youth.   In order to be eligible, you must live within 200 miles of Little Rock, AR, or by special exceptions.  If you are interested in this program, please contact Masaya Dobermans for more information.