As responsible breeders, we realize that we are taking the future of this noble breed into our hands and take this fact very seriously. We are bringing puppies into this world that would not otherwise have been born, and therefore are responsible for the quality of their life. Every litter we produce will effect the breed as a whole, and each litter is carefully planned to improve upon the last.

Appropriate health screenings are performed by our Veterinarian and other specialists, before any dog or bitch is bred.

All puppies are registered with the American Kennel Club and registered names chosen by Masaya Dobermans. We are members in good standing with the Doberman Pincher Club of America and United Doberman Club.



Reservations are taken any time after the litter announcement is made. Deposits are requested for a puppy after an ultrasound is confirmed and a required at the time the litter is born to ensure your spot on the placement list. Deposits will be refunded only if the requested sex/color/quality(pet/show) is not available.



Check out the link on Puppy Selection.


Pet Quality/Working Potential

If a puppy buyer requests a puppy for a specific performance venue, such as Schutzhund, Search and Rescue, Ring Sport, Agility, and obedience, Masaya Dobermans will ensure that the puppy that you receive has been evaluated and tempermant tested to ensure that it has a predisposition to excell in that venue.

It is important to note that all puppies, whether pet or working will be athletic, intelligent, and posess an excellent work ethic. All pet puppies will be sold with limited registration. Full registration can be obtained at no additional charge upon obtaining a working title such as, but not limited to, an AKC obed/agility title, Schutzhund tilte, Search and Rescue certificate, therapy certificate, etc. If you have specific questions, please contact us. For more information regarding limited registration, please refer to AKC Limited Registration.

Masaya Dobermans strongly encourages their new puppy owners to get involved with dog sports and activites.

Masaya Dobermans reserves the right to refuse a puppy to any home we feel not suitable.



All Masaya Doberman puppies will be docked at 3 days of age. Masaya Dobermans are sold cropped unless requested by the new owners to be left natural. This is a very personal decision, and ear after care is a lot of work. We are supportive if the new owners elect to leave their doberman natural and encourage any new owner that does not feel they are up to the task of taping ears constantly until standing (possibly 1 year or more) to request their puppy to be left natural. Better to leave your Masaya Doberman puppy natural, than cropped and not standing!



Did you know that puppies learn more about the world around them between the ages of 3 to 16 weeks than any other time in their lives? This is known as the Critical Socialization and Learning Window. The window begins to close after 12 weeks of age. Once they reach maturity, it is much more difficult to socialize them to new experiences or fix problems such as fear and aggression that may arise from socialization gaps or bad first learning experiences during their puppyhood.

We at Masaya Dobermans, feel that this early socialization time is crucial for development of a superb Doberman temperment. We utilize a broad socialization process. Before your puppy is sent home, he or she will have been exposed to a variety of sights, sounds, surfaces, and stimulations. Puppies are handled constantly from birth. Early socialization techniques begin at 3 days of age. All puppies are given equal time and attention whether they are show or pet quality. We carefully rear our puppies in an enriched environment. Our goal is for them to become well adjusted adults. Check out the following link to puppy socialization. We have also included a link to the 2008 litterbox video page. This will give new owners insight into how Masaya Dobermans works to expose the puppies to a variety of experiences at a young age.


Going Home

Each Masaya Doberman puppy has dewclaws removed, vaccines up to date as well as worming, a microchip, ears cropped at 7 weeks (if elected), and a health check prior to leaving for their new homes. In addition, each puppy will come with a written health guarantee. No puppy will leave before 8 weeks of age or without a signed Purchase Contract, completed application, and reference check.

Each Masaya Doberman puppy goes to its new home with:

bAKC registration papers or registration application
b4 Generation Pedigree
bVaccination record
bPuppy kit
bLifetime Breeder Support





If You Can Not Keep Your Masaya Doberman

If you decide at any time that you can not keep your Masaya Doberman, we will always take back one of our puppies. We will assist in arranging transporation. If you decide to sell or place the Masaya Doberman at any time, Masaya Dobermans must be contacted and be given the first opportunity to purchase the dog at a price no higher than to any other party. Most importantly, these Dobermans are like our kids and we want to keep track of them for their entire life. Breeder support is extended to any and all owners of our Dobermans.