Masaya's Black Sabbath, IPO 3, PSA-PDC, AD ,ZTP SG1A, CGC, VC, TDI

(Citto v. d. Wudritz, IPO III, ADPr, CGC, TDI X Swiftrun's Volcan Masaya, VPG III, IPOIII, PSA-PDC, CD, RN, WAC, CGC)

DOB 3/15/2010

October 2012 (2.5 yrs)

Above At 2yrs Old
Razor is an exceptional dog with AWESOME calm full grips and a serious nature when working. Off the field he is a fun dog with a wonderful sweet disposition. He is truly a well balanced doberman. Razor is 9yrs old retired IPO3 and available for stud to approved females. We expected GREAT things from this boy, and we achieved great things!


DOB: 3/15/2010   AKC Reg: WS33602708
CERF (2012) Normal   Doberman vWD Clear by Parentage
Cardio (2019 Holter) Normal   Weight 80 lbs

HD - 1 (Good)

  ¬†Height 27 inches

Razor's Parents

Swiftrun's Volcan Masaya VPG III, IPO III, PSA-PDC, CD, RN WAC, CGC  
Citto v. d. Wudritz, IPO III, ADPr, CGC, TDI