Swiftrun's Volcan Masaya VPG III, IPO III, WDI, CD, RN WAC, CGC was bred February to Dark Nemo vom Koby Haus BH, ZTP V1A, IPO 2. This litter was bred for health and temperament. These puppies will have stable temperaments and strong drive. They will be excellent working dogs for Schutzhund, Personal Protection, Search and Rescue, Agility, or Competitive Obedience. All puppies will be professionally evaluated and temperament tested before being placed in their new homes.

Reservations are HIGHLY recommended. We are anticipating all puppies being spoken for prior to delivery. Please fill out this brief questionairre to let us know what you are looking for. Check out the Policies page for more information on puppy selection and guarantees.

We will only be taking working home applications for that litter at this time.


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Swiftrun's Volcan Masaya VPG III, IPO III, CD, RN WAC, CGC
Dark Nemo vom Koby Haus BH, ZTP V1A, IPO II
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CERF, Thyroid, Cardio/Holter - Normal, OFA Hips - Good, vWD - Clear

  OFA Hips Good, Cardiac Normal (Holter), vWD Carrier

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