Occasionally Masaya Dobermans has older or adult Dobermans available.  These dogs can range from rescues we are fostering to highly trained dogs that we have bred and/or trained.  We also often know of adult Dobermans that are available elsewhere and are happy to make referrals.

If you are interested in an adult Doberman, please fill out the following form below.  If we don’t have or know of someone who has what you are looking for, we will file your information and let you know if we hear of a dog that meets your needs.


Currently we have Phoebe available click here to learn more about Phoebe



Email Address:
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What age range are you interested in? Older puppy (6 mos -1yr)
Young adult (1yr - 2yrs)
Adult (2yrs- 5yrs)
Mature adult (5yrs-8yrs)
Veteran 8yrs +
I am interested in Breeding
Police work
Couch potato
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Have you owned a dobe before? Tell me about your dog experience
Do you have a fenced yard? Describe
What MINIMAL criteria do you want your dobe to have prior to purchase or adoption? Good with Children
Good with Cats
Good with other dogs
Ears cropped and standing
Basic manners
Basic obedience (walk on least etc)
Advanced Obedence (formal healing, stays etc)
Protection training
Schutzhund titled
What other training/ criteria do you have?
Any other information you would like to provide

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